Pre-Kindergarten Program

When children progress to our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms at Building Rainbows Day School, they experience an elevated level of hands-on learning. We explore subjects such as mathematics, science, language, reading, writing, and art to ensure children are adequately prepared for Kindergarten.

Scope and Sequence Curriculum

Our Pre-K classrooms operate under a structured Scope and Sequence curriculum, which utilizes a center-based approach to learning. Scope and Sequence curriculum is specifically designed around the knowledge and skills children need to become successful and creative contributors in an elementary classroom setting. Additionally, we incorporate resources such as Handwriting Without Tears and materials from Scholastic to facilitate a smooth and successful transition to Kindergarten. Our teachers use developmental checklists and exercises focusing on Kindergarten-level math and phonics, all integrated within a weekly thematic topic.

KidReports App

Pre-K educators use tablets and the KidReports app to provide parents with regular updates throughout the day on their child’s activities. Real-time updates inform parents about their child’s daily routines and activities. Furthermore, the KidReports app allows teachers to capture daily pictures and videos of the children, stored to compile a year-end portfolio showcasing each child’s progress throughout the year.

Playground & Gym

Our Pre-K classrooms boast their own playgrounds featuring play structures, swings, and a basketball hoop. There’s also a large open field for games like soccer and football. On rainy or hot days, our Tomball Pre-K classes utilize the gym for additional play and learning experiences, including riding toys, parachute play, soccer, and basketball.

Vegetable Garden

Each year, our Building Rainbows Day School Cypress location’s Pre-K classrooms participate in planting a vegetable garden. Teachers conduct regular garden tours to observe the growth and participate in the vegetable harvest.

Field Trips

Pre-Kindergarten students also embark on several field trips throughout the school year, visiting places such as grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, nursing homes, and public parks to expand their understanding of our community.

Pre-K Graduation

Each school year culminates in a Pre-K graduation ceremony, a highlight for many as it features songs, dances, and diploma presentations. Parents and grandparents can watch and partake in this joyful event celebrating the children’s achievements.

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