Toddler Program

The toddler years are a dynamic and demanding stage for both parents and caregivers. As a child’s world expands from taking their first steps to running, deciphering ‘baby speak’ into coherent language, and witnessing the emergence of a unique personality, the need for consistent and understanding care grows.

Learning Experience

At Building Rainbows Day Care, we understand the crucial role of early childhood learning experiences. Our educators strive to nurture a love of learning in toddlers by connecting new and familiar concepts. Key developments like turn-taking (an early form of sharing), participating in story and music sessions, and learning about basic shapes and spatial awareness are cultivated through exciting activities. These activities are designed to pique the innate curiosity of toddlers while simultaneously developing their fine and gross motor skills, including self-feeding, toilet-training, and self-care. To further enhance their learning experience, at least two daily circle times are dedicated to teacher-led activities like storytelling, singing, using flashcards, and other hands-on learning tools.


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KidReports App

Teachers in our toddler rooms utilize tablets and the KidReports app to maintain regular communication with parents about their child’s daily activities, eating habits, diaper changes, and sleep schedules. The app also enables teachers to capture photos and videos of children throughout the day, which are shared with parents and saved to build an end-of-year portfolio, documenting the child’s developmental journey.


A focal point in our toddler classes is potty-training, a process facilitated by a cooperative effort between teachers and parents. To assist parents in this endeavor, we provide potty-training books as supportive resources.

Toddler Play Area

Our toddler play area is specifically designed to stimulate gross motor skill development. It includes varied surfaces and structures, stationary climbing equipment, ride-on toys, and playhouses for imaginative play. In our Tomball location’s gym, we provide additional resources such as balls and parachute games for use on rainy or excessively hot days. These outdoor activities, organized games, and gym sessions are orchestrated not only for physical development but also to cultivate social skills as the children learn to share, cooperate, and engage in collective play.

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