Pre-School Programs in Cypress and Tomball

As children enter the pre-school years, their curiosity blossoms, and they become eager explorers of the fascinating world around them. At Building Rainbows Day School, our experienced teachers understand these developmental needs and design hands-on, interactive lesson plans tailored to each child’s interests.

Structured Learning Through Play

Our Cypress preschool and Tomball preschool classes follow a carefully crafted curriculum based on the Scope and Sequence approach. This center-based learning method encourages children to engage in complex play scenarios that bridge their existing knowledge with their developing curiosities. Through play, they naturally build pre-reading, pre-writing, and basic mathematical skills as they build, measure, estimate, and weigh.

Our educational philosophy revolves around the belief that play is the best facilitator of learning. Therefore, we seamlessly incorporate elements of science, cooking, art, music, storytelling, and dramatic play into every aspect of the learning process, creating a rich and immersive educational experience.

Developing Essential Skills

Our program places a strong emphasis on fine motor skill development, particularly writing skills, laying a solid foundation for future success in our Cypress and Tomball pre-kindergarten classes. Through creative and thoughtful planning, our teachers guide the acquisition of essential skills, ensuring a smooth transition to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

KidReports App

The educators in our preschool rooms use tablets and the KidReports app to provide regular updates throughout the day to inform parents about their children’s daily activities and routines. Furthermore, the app facilitates the capture of pictures and videos of the children during the day, which are compiled into a year-end portfolio to document each child’s yearly progress.

Engaging Outdoor Environments

Each preschool classroom features a playground equipped with slides, swings, basketball hoops, and playhouses, providing ample opportunities for physical activity and outdoor exploration.

At our Tomball preschool, children can enjoy the air-conditioned gym on rainy or hot days, where they can participate in various activities, including riding toys, parachute play, soccer, and basketball.

Hands-on Gardening Experience

Our Cypress preschool location has a special treat – a vegetable garden!  Preschoolers plant, care for, and harvest their own vegetables. They’re always proud to show (and take home) what they’ve grown.

Let Your Child’s Learning Journey Begin At Building Rainbows!

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